Made by Zach and Zach.

Figure 4.9: 6 Easy Ways to Defend Yourself Against Bullying
(Written by Zach Broussard and Zachary Sims. Designed by the great Bill Pearce)
Figure 4.8: Definitive Jack and Jill Venn
Figure 4.7: Rick Perry’s Three Easy Steps to Balancing the Budget
Figure 4.6: Gin and Tonic
The Worst Selling Halloween Costumes
Figure 4.4: Who’s Buying Everlast’s New Album “Songs of the Ungrateful Living”
Figure 4.3: Possible Business Idea
Designed by our good buddy Bill Pearce!
Figure 4.2: Jesus’ Lesser Miracles
Figure 4.1: The Perfect Résumé
Figure 4.0: How to Be Cool
REMEMBER: Being cool is about not trying too hard. So print and memorize this list immediately so you never have to try too hard again!